Thursday, April 22, 2010

dis barred


  1. The top picture could have come from a film noir movie from the 1940s.

  2. Is that you atop the hobby horse? I'm happy you posted it large to reveal the detail of the setting and the sweet face of the child.
    Kirk's right about the film noir effect of the top photo but all 3 have a dramatic stage lighting presence as if we were about to fade to black or bring lights up to full. Nice work.

  3. tag, yes, that's me, age 4-5? i'd love to know how i got up there. i was so small at 5 i had to be lifted up the step onto the bus for school! the setting is gwynn oak park, an amusement park (closed in 1972) in baltimore. i loved that place.
    stage lighting-as in, all the world's a stage. hmmm, i don't remember auditioning for this part!