Monday, April 12, 2010

hearts, no flowers


  1. That's better than flowers with no heart. These cacti are trying to tell us something. Love the punchy slow rhythm of this Dylan offering. Somehow it doesn't sound like Bob. Not stoned enough. Unlike Bob, I'm easily entertained - it doesn't take much to make me laugh.

  2. joe-thanks for dropping in. i just kept seeing those hearts everywhere i hiked that day.

    kass-i agree! those prickly hearts remind me to soften up. there's a poem in there somewhere.
    and that's taj mahal singing.
    "easily amused" only begins to describe how willing i am to laugh at the incongruities of life.

  3. I thought it was Levon Helm, oh well Taj Mahal sounds good. cacti- that's a prickly subject isn't it?

  4. Is that a particular type of cactus, or do they all start life resembling hearts?

  5. If you are showing love to your fellow human beings, you are showing love to your God. Dalai Lama.


  6. hi kirk-i don't know the answer to that, and haven't had much luck in finding out, either. many of the ones i saw on that hike, but by no means all of them, were shaped like that.

    gabi-amen, sister!