Wednesday, April 14, 2010

question of the day

Has my heart gone to sleep?

Have the beehives of my dreams stopped working, the waterwheel

of the mind run dry, scoops turning empty,

only shadow inside?

No, my heart is not asleep. It is awake, wide awake.

Not asleep, not dreaming - its eyes are opened wide

watching distant signals, listening on the rim

of vast silence.

- Antonio Machado


  1. As I was scrolling, I thought for sure you wrote this. You could have, while listening on the rim of that fluted water jug. Great pics.

  2. kass, thanks for the vote of confidence. these days it's a challenge to write anything other than my name.

  3. Your photos of the glass dome were thoughtful. The slow spiral unraveling was how I perceived it -- analogous to life. -- barbara

  4. barbara-thank you. i see by your logo that we both have an interest in spirals, of all sorts. isn't it great how they show up in unexpected places?

  5. Standing,
    Though the pictures are not very appealing, I have to appreciate their quality. I specially captivated by pic no. 1… I love how the light pass throughout the container to be reflected on the ground and therefore defying the darkness of the shadow… A strong sing that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel?

    Is your question of the day, whether the container is half empty, empty or full?



  6. gabi-i like that you found the photos unappealing. it ties in with my question of the day, which is the first line of machado's poem, "has my heart gone to sleep?"
    to what do we open or close our heart?