Thursday, April 15, 2010

sleep deprivation

i haven't been sleeping well, or much, or at all, for the last couple of weeks. the (only) interesting thing about fatigue is that it lets all manner of things run around the brain. and sometimes out the mouth, or blog, in this case. not always a good thing, but, hey. so it goes.


  1. So what is the appeal of the callas to you? I look at at the photo and listen to Janis and I don't find either appealing. But they are both compelling. I can't define that quality but I like it. You my dear sound like you have a full blown existential crisis going on, S'up with dat?

  2. 2nd photo:
    The engorged calla stem
    juts her lower lip,
    goes topless,
    surrenders her green
    to the pink,
    and screams
    her root-felt blues line:
    "sleep, LoWa, sleep!"

  3. tag-what draws me to the callas are the curves-simple, clean, elegant, and oddly powerful. the colors imply texture that isn't actually there.

    compelling/appealing-i've been looking at just that. i'm finding that which is compelling is an impetus to growth. there is something to be learned there. what i am compelled to photograph, listen to, write, shows me things, the stuff lurking under the radar.
    the janis choice was because i couldn't find what i was looking for-as usual.

    no crisis, tho. hell, existential is my middle name! this is life as i've known it, always. it is sometimes a royal pain in the butt.

  4. kass-this poem-a-day deal has you rocking! this makes me want to run to my couch and take a nap-hey, maybe not such a bad idea.