Tuesday, April 13, 2010

look, no flowers!

i read some form of comics every day. they keep me (more or less) sane, and help me keep things in proportion. when i don't laugh at any comic strip, i know i'm in trouble.

recently i discovered this strip on yahoo comics.

this strip made me feel much better about
my stalled photograpy.
now if i could just find one for my stalled poetry...
hey! i can just substitute "poetry" for "photography"-that works!


  1. Wanna see my 8000 pictures of dead flowers?

  2. kass-i thought we all could use a laugh. need to lighten up a bit!

    okatb-sure! hey, wait a minute, haven't i already seen about 7500 of them?

  3. Thank you for the laugh!! the comic is just hilarious and very, very realistic... Now I know why I can't find anyone ready to "enjoy" my 8000 pics of flowers :(


  4. gabi, glad you liked it! yeah, i guess not everyone is as enamored of our photos as we are!