Wednesday, April 28, 2010

not the norm

the wind is howling
round the door,
i'm face first
down on the floor.
the trees are wild,
the light is gone,
the moon is big,
nowhere the dawn.
if i live til morn
i wonder why,
i arch my back,
and touch the sky.

zombies-gotta love 'em.


  1. I don't think any of us is "normal" - what is to be normal? who defines what to be normal really is? I really love this kind of pondering without conclusive answers...

    Love your poem, it is dark, profound, and a big gulp of breath.

    Thanks for the Zombies song, me and my children enjoyed listening to it!


  2. We're all half alive sometimes. Might as well revel in it. Great song.

  3. tag-i'm slowly feeling my way back into this. still figuring out how much i want to expose.

    gabi-i'm very good at the questions-not so much at the answer part! glad you liked the song-it makes me laugh.

    kass-half alive's better than all dead! doin' the zombie dance, tra la!

  4. As you've been posting pretty regularly, I'm not entirely sure where you're back from, but I liked the poem.

  5. Should finish the sentence. Glad to see your back arched to touch the sky.
    Zombies + Calypso = Weekend At Bernie's II

  6. kirk-i'm back from the bog i call a mind!

    tag-and here i was gonna make a sleazy comment about seeing my front!